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Arts Nexus, Studio A, 665 Beacon St., Suite 301, Boston, MA 02215

BABEfit is the fabulous fitness class from The Boston Academy of Burlesque Education which combines burlesque flair with cardio dance. Keeping your fitness routine is easy when your workout is this much fun! Whether you're looking to add fitness to your life, or just looking for something new and different, BABEfit is the best way to bump, grind, and shimmy your way to a confident new you!

Each class includes a warm up, fun & heart-pumping dance combinations using your favorite burlesque dance steps, strengthening moves, and a cool down & stretch.

Students should wear workout clothes and athletic shoes or flat dance shoes. Dance sneakers are ideal! Bring a yoga mat for a little work on the floor. And you'll definitely want a water bottle!

There is no striptease in this class, but things will certainly heat up!