Student Showcase!

Hello B.A.B.E.students & awesome alumnae!

We're delighted to once again be hosting a recital at which you can show off what you have learned to friends and family.  In the event that we have more students who are interested in participating than we have space for, preference will be given to current and recent students; we are delighted to have those of you who have performed professionally participate in the recital as Special Guests.  Students who can provide a video of their act (even if it is shot on a cell phone in your living room) will have an advantage over students who do not have a video of their act.  Please only submit video of the act you intend to perform.

If you don't want to perform but still want to help out (usher, stage kitten, etc.) we'd be happy to have your help! Please email us and let us know!

Your student showcase will be at Deacon Giles Distillery  at 75 Canal St., Salem, MA on Friday, March 1st at 8:00PM. 


Real Name
Your real name (obviously)

Stage Name
If you don't have one yet, don't worry about it.  Just say "I don't have one yet".

Your email address where you want us to contact you.

A mobile phone, please.  It's for emergencies the day of the show.

Name of Song
The name of the song you're using.  If you're using two just write it as "Roll Over Beethoven/If You're Happy And You Know It".  If you're not using a song, just say "I'm not using a song".

Musical Performer
The person or group who recorded your music (i.e., "The Beatles").  If it's two songs, just say "The Beatles/Elton John".

In minutes and seconds, so three minutes and thirty seconds would be "03:30" 

Describe Your Act
Let us know a little about your act.  What's it about? Anything special we need to know?

I Need A...
If you need us to provide any of the things on the list, let us know.  If you're bringing (for example) your own chair, don't check the "chair" box, but do let us know in description of your act.

Tell Us About You
When did you take a class at B.A.B.E.? Which one? Who was your instructor? What have you been up to since? Why do you want to come and be in the recital?

Link to video of your act (not private or password protected please). If you don't have video, just say “I don't have video”.