Take a burlesque break with B.A.B.E.! We're teaching a series of workshops on a variety of topics. Most are only an hour long. Learn some new burlesque skills or polish your existing ones! 

All workshops are taught via Zoom and registration is on a pay what you can basis. We suggest $10, but please pay whatever you can afford. We are accepting payment through PayPal or Venmo (@studyburlesque). Please specify which workshop you are registering for and make sure we have your email, so we can send you the Zoom meeting information! 

Meeting login information will be sent out 1 hour before the workshop starts.

Bump & Grind
Tuesday, July 7, 6pm
In this workshop we're going back to basics! Hone your skills for creating a burlesque routine! Bumps, grinds, and shimmies are the foundtion moves of burlesque. Learn them for the first time or polish your existing skills.
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Beyond Basic Bump & Grind 
Thursday, July 9, 6pm
We're going to polish and refine the bumps, grinds, and shimmies that make burlesque great and then learn advanced variations on these old favorites! 
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Making Pasties
Sunday, July 12, 4pm
Burlesque wouldn't be burlesque without pasties! In this make-along workshop, Miss Mina guides you through her favorite method for making pasties, with modifications for what you have on hand. Start with raw materials and end with your very own personal pair of pasties! You'll learn all about how to make, decorate, and wear pasties. You'll even learn how to make your own tassels! You can use your own materials or order a pastie kit for an additional $5. Please order before July 3rd so we can get the kit to you in time.
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Stalking the Stocking
Tuesday, July 14, 6pm
Stockings make our legs look sleek and lovely, but it's so exciting when they come off! Discover different types of hosiery and the best types for removing. Learn how to gracefully remove your shoes, elegantly peel off your stockings, and master the one-handed garter pop. Students should have thigh-high stockings (or tall socks) and (optional) a garter belt. Wear clothing that makes it easy to show off your legs.
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Achieving Closure
Thursday, July 16, 6pm
Nothing can ruin a stripteaser's day faster than a closure which opens too soon...or won't open at all. Closures range from the simple to the esoteric, and each one has an ideal use. Master costumer Miss Mina Murray teaches you the advantages and disadvantages of different types of costume closures, from adhesive to zippers. 
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Chair Dance Technique
Tuesday, July 21 6pm
In this workshop you'll learn burlesque dance moves done on and with a chair. Ideally you want a chair without wheels or arms, but we'll make do with whatever you have. You can apply these moves to your own dance or join us for Chair Dance Routine!
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Chair Dance Routine
Thursday, July 23 6pm
In this workshop you'll learn a complete striptease routine using classic moves on and with a chair. You will need a sturdy chair, preferably without wheels and without arms, long gloves, stockings, and a shirt with buttons.
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"Burlesque" means "Comedy"
Tuesday, July 28, 8pm
Instructor: Mr. Scratch

Despite what you may have heard, “Burlesque” means “parody” and not “striptease”.   Some of the most famous American comics got their start on the burlesque stage. Burlesque has its roots in a long comic tradition — and a lot of modern comic traditions have their roots in burlesque. This class is a look at the evolution of burlesque from the commedia dell’arte of the 16th century to the modern day.  Through video, readings of actual burlesque comic scripts, and a discussion of the rise and fall of the comedian in the world of burlesque, students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for what burlesque was and can be.

NOTE: Many traditional burlesque comic routines used language and stereotypes which are offensive to a modern audience and not appropriate for a modern stage.  We may look at some of these facets in the course of the class in a historical context.
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Who's Who in Classic Burlesque
Thursday, July 30, 6pm
Know your roots! Burlesque historian Miss Mina introduces you to the women who shaped the Golden Age of burlesque and inspired the stars of today.  This informative and entertaining multi-media presentation and talk is a lively trip through our shared history, highlighting the influential performers in burlesque from the Victorian Era to the 1960s.
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