The Boston Academy of Burlesque Education occasionally offers discounted classes through Groupon and similar deal sites. 

You may use your coupon only for the course offered and you must take all of the classes within the same course series.  You must register for your course before your coupon expires (i.e., if your coupon expires at the end of September, you need to register before September 30; but you can start taking a class on October 1).  We generally publish our calendar about two months in advance.

Even after it has expired, you can use your coupon for the amount you paid for it (that is, if you paid $59 for a $99 course, but your coupon has expired, it's still worth $59.00). Please contact to use an expired coupon.

To register for one of our courses, please fill out the following form.



Please make sure you are using the correct coupon for the correct class.  Coupons for Introduction to Burlesque may only be used for Introduction for Burlesque.  

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Making this reservation uses your coupon. If you cannot attend the course or a session of the course you have selected, you may not transfer or cancel your reservation.